Prepare for heavy downpours or light drizzles with a novel and functional raincoat from RAINS. Explore the complete collection of RAINS waterproof coats and jackets online and in stores.

Get dressed with novel raincoats

Prepare for the rain with a novel and functional raincoat from RAINS. Merging innovative methods with traditional techniques and timeless design, RAINS has since 2012 been designing novel, unisex raincoats along with waterproof backpacks, trousers and accessories. Being both functional and stylish, every item in the collection is carefully composed to fit any occasion. As a newer addition to the classic RAINS styles, the collection has been expanded with insulated items from the RAINS Thermal collection. The Thermal styles are crafted from a waterproof material and insulated with an innovative, polypropylene fiber made to endure the colder seasons. The combination of the minimal design, functional elements and true RAINS hardware is what makes the RAINS waterproof raincoats essential everyday icons.

RAINS’ waterproof coats

Combining function, comfort and timeless design, every item in the RAINS collection is designed to meet the needs of men and women living a modern lifestyle of today. Raincoats from RAINS feature waterproof zippers, practical hoods and adjustable cords to ensure comfort and water resistance. All waterproof coats are crafted from a lightweight, waterproof fabric available in an extensive selection of colours – from neutral tones as black, grey and brown to bright and bold colours as yellow, red and blue. From casual window-shopping and nature strolls to more formal occasions, RAINS got you covered whenever a rain shower strikes. Discover the complete RAINS collection consisting of waterproof coats, bags and accessories available in a wide selection of colours and styles composed to fit any occasion.

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