Eextremely durable yet contemporary styles that will protect you from heavy rain and wind. Raincoats from Rains come in many different silhouettes and colours, with the high quality and longevity in common.

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Rains Long Jacket Jackets 03 GreenRains Long Jacket Jackets 03 Green
Rains Jacket Jackets 11 FlintRains Jacket Jackets 11 Flint



Rains Jacket Jackets 13 GreyRains Jacket Jackets 13 Grey



Rains Long Jacket Jackets 10 StormRains Long Jacket Jackets 10 Storm
Rains Curve W Jacket Jackets 29 NightRains Curve W Jacket Jackets 29 Night
Rains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 BlackRains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 Black
Rains Fishtail Parka Jackets 24 SandRains Fishtail Parka Jackets 24 Sand
Rains A-line W Jacket Jackets 30 PowderRains A-line W Jacket Jackets 30 Powder
Rains Fishtail Parka Jackets 03 GreenRains Fishtail Parka Jackets 03 Green
Rains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 03 GreenRains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 03 Green
Rains Storm Breaker Jackets 13 GreyRains Storm Breaker Jackets 13 Grey
Rains Storm Breaker Jackets 47 NavyRains Storm Breaker Jackets 47 Navy
Rains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 BlackRains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 Black
Rains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 24 SandRains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 24 Sand



Rains Cape Capes 84 Black GrainRains Cape Capes 84 Black Grain



Rains String W Jacket Jackets 29 NightRains String W Jacket Jackets 29 Night
Rains String W Jacket Jackets 12 FireRains String W Jacket Jackets 12 Fire
Rains Cargo Long Jacket Jackets 03 GreenRains Cargo Long Jacket Jackets 03 Green
Rains Cargo Long Jacket Jackets 10 StormRains Cargo Long Jacket Jackets 10 Storm
Rains Norton Longer Rain Jacket Jackets 01 BlackRains Norton Longer Rain Jacket Jackets 01 Black
Rains Norton Rain Jacket Jackets 08 EarthRains Norton Rain Jacket Jackets 08 Earth

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Rain proof coats from RAINS - functional and minimalistic

We are extremely honoured to have gotten so many happy RAINS members, who are just as excited about our products as we are. If you consider purchasing your first coat at RAINS, we would love to tell you more about our assortment and the brand.

We have an extensive variety of different types and silhouettes of Raincoats; some are unisex while others are more suited for either men or women. Just to mention a few, we have the Fishtail Parka which is the perfect unisex coat for those looking for a little more length and coverage. If you are on the lookout for a more feminine style, our String Overcoat might just be perfect. It is a new take on the well-known trench coat featuring a drawstring at the waist to accentuate curves.

Choose between many colours, going from dark to bright. As a Scandinavian brand we also have darker colours, such as dark blue, olive and charcoal, but also many lighter options. Coats in bright yellow or blush are perfect at brightening up even the saddest mood. If you have a hard time deciding, we suggest the shiny options, which come in black and green. A perfect in between option.

Mix and Match your raincoat with other RAINS items

With a Coat from RAINS, you can easily mix and match with other products from RAINS. Besides keeping your body nice and dry, your belongings must also be protected. Luckily, we have many different bags that will complement your favourite raincoat and serve as a handy add on if the weather turns gloomy.

For keeping smaller essentials, our Crossbody bags are a great choice for keeping your phone, wallet, and keys in safety. At the same time, the smaller bags can elevate your look, making it even more stylish and interesting.

Are you the type of person that always struggles to fit all your necessities? Then we recommend one of our Tote Bags. Easy to style and grab when being in a rush. The benefits of a Tote Bag is its versatility, as it is a great option for both grocery shopping and running errands in the city.

In fact, the opportunities are endless when it comes to pairing your preferred Coat with other products. Take a closer look at our website and discover our universe of waterproof gear.

Why Rains is the perfect place to buy raincoats online

If you live in northern Europe, there's no way around the fact that a proper overcoat is as important a part of your wardrobe as an interview suit or Friday night 'set to stun' wear. Young dynamic company Rains has in less than a decade totally revolutionized the raincoat industry. The Danish company's designers have married function to design with clean, elegant lines that are typical of Scandinavia, but who are also not afraid to experiment with bold, bright colors, even finding a new take to beige. Now you can stand out in the crowd whatever the weather. Look effortlessly cool yet ready for all manner of horrible weather to pelt down from the heavens before the start of the open-air concert in Rains's Mac Coat. Stand out on the commute with the Transparent Belt Jacket in a stunning bright crimson, or cut a dash of class in a traditional cut Overcoat in Navy Blue. Cycling or walking to work? Then don't worry about arriving looking like a drowned rat with the Ultralight Parka. Or try a subtle update on a beloved classic with the W Trench Coat evoking the noir films of the 1950s. Minimalist and timeless, there is no better place to buy raincoats that Rains.

Rains is at the forefront of designing modern raincoats

For decades, raincoats were a mundane item in dull colors and designed mainly with the weather in mind, keeping any fashion statement to the clothes beneath the covering. Since 2012, Rains has come along to disrupt any memories of black, beige or brown, to reinvent its waterproof raincoats via constant research, use of the latest materials and keenness to help fans of their products stand out from the crowd. On the outside, all waterproof coats are made using a combination of polyurethane and polyester. Even the material used to make zips is waterproof. A special kind of material 'welding' also helps with the ultimate and primary aim of keeping the bad weather out. But almost important for Rains is the concept of 'Breathability' in its products which is why you'll find ventilation holes, vital for allowing your body to breathe. The coat will also stretch with you, so it doesn't become stiff. Without this breathability, humility will build up inside the coat. You don't want to arrive at your destination hot and sticky and uncomfortable - especially if, say, you are going to be working for the day in a crowded, hot office. Rains coats use the very latest techniques to ensure that whatever you may be doing, you're doing it in style and comfort.

Raincoats that almost make you wish the weather was bad!

There is no doubt that during a typical day in Denmark it is as likely to be raining as it is to be sunny. Rains range of products, constructed with the most modern materials and eye-catching looks, will almost make you wish that it would rain every time you leave the house to give you an excuse to wear one of your favorite waterproof raincoats. Like the weather, the Rains range of styles is ever-changing and evolving. With one eye on the latest research and experimentation with materials and the other in the latest fashion, the range is regularly updated. But wearers can always be guaranteed suitable modern raincoats for whatever outdoor activity is being planned in whatever weather. Taking the dog for a walk? Keeping fit with a run? Heading to an important meeting? Then there'll be a coat to suit you and your budget and your every need. Stand out in the street with one of our waterproof raincoats for men and raincoats for women. There is no doubt that if you buy a Rains coat then you will be a customer forever. After all, why would you buy raincoats from anywhere else once you see this selection.

Waterproof long raincoats for all occasions

The weather outside may be frightening, but come hail, thunder or rain, we often have to be out in it, instead of being in a warm and cozy interior. But you'll be happy to let it snow because you will have one - or maybe more? - coats for all occasions from Rains to keep you and your other clothes dry no matter the somewhat variable weather in northern Europe. The beauty of a purchase from the Rains range is that no matter the occasion then there is a timeless, functional, simple yet stunning coat to match it and help you look your best. For example, are you going to a formal evening and it simply isn't waiting to chuck down, but you have spent an absolute fortune on a stunning dress that's going to be soaking by the time you get to the function? Then the Long Quilted Parka will ensure you and outfit arrive dry as a bone. Or the Rains Overcoat in black or navy blue will help you to cut a marked mix of cutting edge and traditional but is certain to turn heads once you arrive at the function. Or maybe you need something a little less formal while out exercising your dog, but still want to look the part. Then the Tracksuit Jacket available in three colors including stunning red will give you enough room to manoeuvre when Fido takes off after an imaginary rabbit. There truly is a coat for all occasions and all weathers with the Rains range.

Waterproof raincoats that can defeat any weather

Denmark is a beautiful country, but the weather can be best described as changeable. A warm summer's day in June making a delightful morning commute to work can end with the return journey in a gale. A lightweight waterproof raincoat with hood is not just a fashion statement but an essential piece of any woman's wardrobe. The Rains range is perfect for all budgets and all tastes. Why not try a Long Jacket for example. With a choice of nine colors, from muted beige to the stunning true blue or yellow will cut a dash of color that will help you stand out on public transport or even make you highly visible should you be walking in a dark morning or dank evening. Accentuate your figure with a Belt Jacket that fans out will give further protection from the elements, or try the Curve Jacket in one of eight colors, including a stunning shade of red. Show off your clothes underneath with the Transparent Hooded Coat in foggy coral, or the simple Overcoat in black or blue will add an immaculate sense of timelessness. There is a huge range with Rains that is guaranteed to turn the eye of even the most discerning shopper.

Be prepared with a waterproof raincoat with hood

Along with a laptop bag or briefcase and a traditional handbag, do you really have the extra hand to carry an umbrella as well in case of a weather emergency? Then don't despair, because Rains is on hand to help you with a selection of coats with built-in hoods to ensure that it's not just your clothes that arrive dry at the office, but your hair too. The transparent Hooded Cloak will do the job perfectly, with attached drawstrings so you don't have to hold the hood up to protect against windy days. Commute into the future with the Long W Jacket in a shiny silver. The Short Hooded Cloak or the W Jacket will do exactly as it says on the labels, ending at waist height and perfect for those who like to cycle or go running, and need movement in their lower bodies. All the coats are made from lightweight material so you don't feel dragged down while wearing them. Many are easily packed away so they can be easily recovered from a bag and put to good use should the weather take an unexpected turn for the worse. The stunning collection is on the website, so feel free to take a look. Rains are confident that there is something for everyone that will suit every purse and taste, allowing a practical purchase that will become a treasured wardrobe item the longer that the buyer owns it.

How should a raincoat fit?

A raincoat should be somewhat figure-hugging, but still loose enough to wear a layer underneath such as a woolen jumper. Rain coats with a loose fit and a belt can give you freedom of movement but be taken in at the waist to preserve body heat if it starts to rain heavily. You should be able to move freely when you are wearing your raincoat. A loose cape-shaped raincoat or a waterproof anorak is suitable for warm but rainy summer days whereas more tight-fitting raincoats will keep you warm and dry during colder seasons.


What are the best raincoats?All of RAINS raincoats has water column pressure of 400mm and has a quality of the highest standard. Our most popular raincoats are the Long Jacket, the Longer Jacket and the shorter version, Jacket. What are RAINS raincoats made of?Our raincoats are made of fluorinate-free polyurethane, also called PU. The material is 100% water-resistant and windproof, which ensures your raincoat will last for a long time. What colors does RAINS raincoat come in?RAINS has a wide range of colors depending on what model you choose. Black, Green, Yellow, Taupe and Blue are among the most popular.