Raincoats for Men

Suit up for gloomy weather with RAINS’ novel and functional raincoats for men. Explore new innovative additions as well as RAINS classics that never go out of style. You will find a wide variety of different silhouettes and colours that are all rooted in the minimalistic Scandinavian design. The durable and water-resistant PU coating on our raincoats for men ensures that your coat will last for decades and can be worn in all seasons.

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Rains Long Jacket Jackets 10 StormRains Long Jacket Jackets 10 Storm
Rains Jacket Jackets 13 GreyRains Jacket Jackets 13 Grey



Rains Fishtail Parka Jackets 03 GreenRains Fishtail Parka Jackets 03 Green
Rains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 BlackRains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 Black
Rains Storm Breaker Jackets 47 NavyRains Storm Breaker Jackets 47 Navy
Rains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 24 SandRains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 24 Sand



Rains Norton Rain Jacket Jackets 08 EarthRains Norton Rain Jacket Jackets 08 Earth
Rains String W Jacket Jackets 29 NightRains String W Jacket Jackets 29 Night
Rains Cargo Long Jacket Jackets 03 GreenRains Cargo Long Jacket Jackets 03 Green
Rains Norton Longer Rain Jacket Jackets 01 BlackRains Norton Longer Rain Jacket Jackets 01 Black

Our classic raincoats for men – your go to all year around

On a lookout for a subtle raincoat that still signals quality and style? Well, you have come to the right place. By using Scandinavian design’s simplistic features our raincoats definitely reflect the ‘less is more’ mind-set. Wearing our raincoats will make you love the grey days and make you feel unstoppable even during the heavier rain. As one of our must-haves you will find the Fishtail Parka, perfect for that extra coverage. The coat features a fishtail drawstring, drawstring hood and elastic cuffs, so you can be sure that no water gets through. Another great option is the Long Jacket which has a casual fit and a mid-thigh length. Want it longer? Then you cannot go past the Longer Jacket, that has the same loose fit, however, long enough to cover your knees.

RAINS innovative designs will brighten up any gloomy day

RAINS seeks to re-invent the traditional concepts of rain clothing, why we could not resist coming up with styles that are just a tad more extravagant. Styles that really make a statement and give your entire outfit a contemporary look. The Drifter Mac Coat gives you just the right amount of spice. The silhouette is slightly boxy with a classic mac collar made in crisp nylon fabric that gives it a discrete shine. In combination with the sleek edges all over, you get a functional yet stylish raincoat all in one. As one of our new additions you will find the Ultralight Zip-off Parka. This unisex raincoat is inspired by the iconic M65 military jacket, however combined with the signature DNA of RAINS. In the front you have four big front pockets, drawstring at the waist and detachable sleeves. The Ultralight fabric gives sheer and slightly shiny elements to the raincoat, that most importantly feel weightless on the skin.

Find the perfect companion for your RAINS Men’s Raincoat

Like the entire RAINS line, including Parkas, Puffer Jackets for Men and Waterproof Bags, our Men’s Raincoats can also easily be paired with other items. Our entire brand is built up around the same stylistic principles why you can always recognise RAINS by its elegant styles and modern colours. Pair your favourite Men’s raincoat with one of our Waterproof Tote Bags when you need to get quickly out of the door. We guarantee that you will be running your errands like never before, feeling extremely comfortable while keeping yourself and your belongings completely dry. No matter what you choose to mix and match, you can wear your RAINS gear proudly.


Is RAINS' raincoats unisex?Yes, RAINS' collection of rain coats are unisex, except the Belt Jacket, Curve Jacket, A-line Jacket and String Overcoat, which are made for women.What are raincoats made of?Raincoats from RAINS are made of fluorinate-free polyurethane, which is 100% water-resistant and windproof. RAINS quality is high and ensures you jacket to last for many years. Can you wash a raincoat?We suggest washing your raincoat on the outside with a damp cloth and soapy water. It is not recommended to wash your RAINS raincoat in a laundry machine.