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Waterproof Backpacks

No matter what the weather throws at you Rains offers a great range of waterproof backpacks to suit every occasion. Whether you’re working or playing, a Rains backpack is the perfect solution to keep all your essentials safe and dry.

Waterproof backpacks for today´s lifestyle

The latest generation of backpacks are water resistant or fully waterproof. Fully waterproof backpacks will protect all your clothing and valuables in the worst of storms. Waterproof backpacks have a variety of uses for leisure, work or travel. You could go backpacking around the world with one of these, take it on a city break, or use it for your school, university or sports bag. In these days of travelling with laptops, tablets, smartphones, etcetera, it is more important than ever to keep your possessions perfectly dry. Rains Waterproof backpacks are designed to be tough but stylish with stainless steel and strong rubber trimmings. A great deal of thought and technology has gone into our design which includes protecting sleeves, zips or fastenings in exactly the right places. These designs are the product of years of experience. Weather is so changeable it is easy to get caught in a downpour. It is not easy to keep heavy rain or sleet out. But it is necessary. These designs are fully functional as well as being fashionable. A variety of styles and colours are available. They can be ordered online or bought in various stores that stock them. They come with a two-year warranty. You can be confident that your important devices will be kept safe in any of these high-quality, state of the art waterproof backpacks. All the materials used in Rains bags meet the high standards of European legislation and are tested thoroughly in collaboration with independent international testing centres. All Rains products are produced in a responsible and sustainable way. You will not only be protecting your belongings you will be protecting the environment by choosing one of these.

Water resistant backpacks - the details

Water resistant backpacks stand up to ordinary weather conditions very well. They also come in many styles and colours. Making a bag fully waterproof is very complicated. Materials need to be welded. All sorts of techniques are involved in making a bag completely and utterly waterproof. For many ordinary situations water resistant backpacks are more than enough. They should be perfect to keep your phone, tablet and laptop dry as long as you aren´t planning on throwing them into a lake. In fact, these backpacks are sometimes easier to use than the fully waterproof versions. It is up to you to decide exactly how much protection you need for your devices whether you are travelling round the world or going to the office or school. For many people water resistant backpacks are a sensible choice. Rains has great expertise in producing these and years of experience. Typically, these backpacks are made with a lightweight material. This makes them easier to carry than some heavier types of backpack. Water resistant backpacks are a necessity in any place where it rains. You don’t want to be caught out. You don´t want your precious laptop or phone to be damaged or important papers to be spoiled. In the modern working world, you cannot afford to take chances with such valuable things. You need something to protect your valuables. Plus, they can add a little style to your life.  

Womens waterproof backpacks combine style and practicality

Womens waterproof backpacks are designed with both utility and fashion in mind. Rains comes with Scandinavian style. Our womens waterproof backpacks were originally designed to go with the rainwear collection and have that same functional originality and clear simple lines. They are timeless classics which will never go out of fashion. They are cool. Be assured also that they will protect what you put inside from whatever the weather does. Weather can be changeable. They will keep out rain, sleet and snow. They are ideal for travel, work, trips to the gym, shopping, cycling or walking. They will be admired and commented on. There are small and large versions, backpack and backpack mini. The larger version would be ideal for a student heading off to the library with its separate sections for books and computer. The smaller version would be good for school and comes in the greatest variety of colours, a stylish and practical bag. The MSN bag would also be an excellent choice for this with its classic design and smaller size. Womens waterproof backpacks are made to be tough enough to withstand everyday use but are fashionable enough to add style to whatever you are wearing. They are also immensely practical and hold a lot. They are not throwaway fashion. The materials used are polyester and a solid polyurethane textile which will keep everything you put inside dry. Regular sponging with a damp cloth and mild soap should maintain their look and extend their life long beyond the two-year warranty period. They are built to last. And you can also wear them when the sun is shining! There are some fun designs such as the Drawstring Backpack in silver. 

Rainproof backpacks to protect the important things

Rainproof backpacks are great for travel whether you are walking or cycling or using other forms of transport. Even if you are not a traveller most of the time, they are a great accessory for everyday life. The typical rainproof backpack is made from a special lightweight material designed to withstand heavy or light rain. It has a matte finish on the surface which gives it a modern up to date look. The basic Rainproof backpack has been a part of the range from the beginning more or less. It has become a true Rains classic. Rainproof backpacks now come in many shapes, colours and sizes and are an important part of the collection. You can wear them with Rains classic outerwear or team them with anything else. They are smart and stylish enough to work with anything from sportswear to classic tailoring. They are a great accessory whether you plan a holiday break or a day at the office. They are so practical too. They hold so much and have separate compartments. They are an absolute necessity for modern life. They provide the perfect way to protect your appliances from accidental damage when the weather is not all you want it to be. Whatever your age or sex or job there will be a rainproof backpack to fit in with your lifestyle. Are you travelling the world or doing a daily commute? What could be a better accessory for you than one of these well-designed bags? You won´t know how you managed without one!

Mens waterproof backpacks - the classics

Mens waterproof backpacks are tough but stylish and can be used for everything from trekking and camping to important business meetings or a trip to the gym. Choose from models such as Rolltop Rucksack, Camp Backpack, Field Bag, Mountaineer Bag, Drawstring Backpack or Ultralight Daypack. Even the names are evocative and fun. Some Mens waterproof backpacks even come in a dayglo yellow. There are times when you need this sort of visibility for safety. And something like this would be first class for hiking or biking. But for a day at the office you will need to opt for something more discreet, a classic black that will blend with your clothes when you commute would be a good choice. You will certainly be noticed in a good way carrying one of these stylish bags and it will keep your devices safe. Whatever you choose you can be certain your computer and phone will be thoroughly protected en route for work, even if you cycle through a heavy shower. While you probably wouldn’t take a yellow Mountaineer bag to the office, most of the others in black versions will blend effortlessly with a suit for important meetings. They are classics which will do you credit with those who recognise style. Time to opt for something a little better than the average laptop case or sports bag. A beautiful Scandinavian designed backpack will do a lot to improve your image. These mens waterproof backpacks will protect your working essentials so much better as well as greatly increasing your personal style.

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