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Waterproof Parkas

Discover our unique collection of Waterproof Parka Coats & Jackets for both men and women. The style is inspired by workwear archives and is the ideal combination of a function and timeless design. The waterproof parkas have a boxy silhouette, edgy details, and practical features to keep you dry and warm. 

3 colours

3 colours

2 colours

2 colours

Our inspiration for creating the unique RAINS Parka Jackets

The basis for our design was inspired by the unpredictable Scandinavian weather, so we knew that we needed to combine functionality and style in one piece. The Waterproof Parka for men and Parka for women is crafted from innovative and durable polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating filled with featherless high-tech down. The combination makes up the most robust and snug winter jackets that you want to wear again and again.

RAINS provides modern citizens with functional and re-thought Waterproof Parka Coats and Jackets that are suited for any occasion and lifestyle.

Longevity is key – Maintain your Parka Jacket as good as new

Longevity includes the concept of making things last longer, which RAINS ensures by creating durable products but also informing customers on how to take care of their rain gear.

As maintenance is an essential part of extending the lifetime of your Waterproof Parka Jacket or any other product from RAINS, we have come up with an effective Garment Cleanser that helps easily remove any dirt. You can also spot clean your products with your preferred detergent to maintain a crisp look for a long period of time.

Combine your Waterproof Parka Coat with a Travel Bag from RAINS

Are you going on a longer trip to a destination where the temperature can drop drastically? Do not worry we have both the Jacket and the Travel Bag for your wild adventures. Combine the Waterproof Parka Jacket or Coat with your preferred Travel Bag.

In our assortment you will find both big and small sizes, so you can get the amount of space that you need. The Weekend Bag Large is perfect for those who love to grab a few extra things on the way, while a Daily Duffel Small is for those travellers that like to pack light.

Our bags are made in the same materials as our clothing items such as Puffer Jackets and Rainwear. Funny to think that even your belongings will have the time of their lives, despite the weather.


What is a Parka Jacket?
Parka jackets are longer jackets. RAINS collection parka jackets has a minimalistic design and comes in different colors. They are made for keeping ypu warm, and Glacial model will keep you dry at the same time.

What are RAINS parka jackets made of?
RAINS parka jackets are vegan and made of a high-tech featherless down. PU, RAINS signature material, is used for the outer layer and makes the Glacial Coat and Glacial Parka water-resistant.

How many different parka jackets are there?
The RAINS collection of parka jacket contains three styles: Glacial Coat, Glacial Parka and Avanlanche Parka. The styles comes in different colors and are unisex.