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Waterproof Rain Jackets

The weather will always remain unpredictable. Don't get caught out in the rain with Rains's fabulous collection of the very best rain jackets that will cater for all weather eventualities.

Why you need a waterproof  trendy rain jacket

Rains are leading the way in waterproof rainwear with a stunning range of coats made using the latest technology that can keep everyone well insulated and protected from the forever changeable Danish weather. In the few years since its debut collection in 2012, the company has experimented with materials and has expanded its range of gorgeous fashionable outerwear to include gloves, hats and bags. But it has not simply brought a delightful and unique range of raincoats to the market to keep buyers bone dry in the worst that the North and Baltic Seas can throw at the Danes. Rains have recognised that while, for example, long coats can keep out the very worst of weather, that in today's society, various activities render the traditional raincoats impractical for a great many things. With this in mind, Rains has expanded its range of products and has also produced a range of waterproof jackets designed for men and women and for use for every conceivable outdoor need. Whatever your need, Rains will have the perfect jacket to enable you to enjoy the great outdoors yet still remain dry and comfortable.

Complement your new waterproof rain gear jacket with the perfect accessory

You will already be standing out from the herd with your new waterproof jacket, but why not finish off the look with the perfect accessory from the extensive Rains range? After all, the look can be very easily ruined with an unsuitable hat or an inferior bag. Along with the near decade's worth of cutting edge design experience with its rainwear, Rains has been putting an equal amount of work into creating a range of accessories that like its coats are waterproof, stylish and made to the same exacting high standards. Take the unisex Boonie Hat, for example. Inspired by similar military wear, the 360-degree brim is wide enough to prevent any irritating droplets of rain from sneaking down into the coat from the back of the neck. Or for a more informal look and to defeat the sun's glare, there is the adjustable seriously high-quality baseball cap. Also, don't forget one of Rains's fantastic waterproof bags and rucksacks. Should you be needing a bag to protect your laptop or for a packed lunch and all the other vital equipment for a day's hiking, the proper bag to keep all of your essentials safe is waiting for you at Rains. Going away for the weekend? Then don't forget to choose one of Rains's suitable travel bags, complete with tags so if your highly desirable kit is accidentally left at a railway station or on the bus, or even in an overhead locker after a long flight, it can easily be found and returned to the grateful and relieved owner. Rains even have gloves to protect the hands. Pick the accessory that's right for you and prepare to wow the city in the coolest, trendiest and driest gear it's possible to get anywhere. Only at Rains.

Why Rains has you covered with a waterproof fashionable raincoat

Rains' complete collection of jackets can be found in any of its stores or online to get you through every other day on average on which it rains in Denmark - or indeed any part of northern Europe. Every possible angle has been covered to produce jackets for optimum performance for every conceivable outdoor need. Need to wrap up warm before going for a run? There's a jacket for that. Heading to an outdoor festival where the weather might turn before the headline act of the night? There's a waterproof jacket for that. Swapping public transport or the car for cycling to work? Then you will find just the thing you're looking for. Taking the dog for a walk on a muddy path? He may get soaked, but you will be dry with the correct Rains waterproof jacket. Not only will it be practical no matter the weather, but it is also guaranteed to be stylish. Function and form are married beautifully together in our range of waterproof jackets that are guaranteed to make you delighted that you added a Rains product to your wardrobe, and will inspire you to browse the website see what else the company has to offer to make your outdoor experience complete.

Rains's waterproof jackets are the cutting edge of technology

Since the company produced its first small range of waterproof clothing and bags just a few years ago in 2012, it has continued to be at the forefront of research and design into materials for its products. Of course, Rains honours the traditions associated with waterproof jackets, but it continues to blaze a red-hot trail in the design and reinvention of some vital articles for your wardrobe. It brings a Scandinavian aesthetic to all of its designs, resulting in products of elegance and simplicity that remain recognisably modern and bang on trend. And if the designs are bang up to 21st-century date, so, too are the materials. All of Rains's waterproof jackets are made from a strong but polyester and coated in polyurethane to the highest European Union standards. This makes them as light as possible, and as waterproof as it is possible to be. To add to the waterproofing and keep the high quality, the stitching is done by a process known as ultrasonic welding. Even the company's zippers and fittings are designed and manufactured with the prime purpose of keeping out the rain. To prevent humidity building up all the products are designed to allow breathability - the air is allowed to circulate - and the jackets stretch with the body to prevent stiffness.

The best waterproof rain jackets for her

No matter what purpose you need a Rains waterproof jacket for, the company has the perfect fit for every woman. Take the Trekker Jacket, for example, an ideal choice for both Spring and Autumn. Quilted panels help keep the heat in, but are absent on the side to allow increased mobility - perfect for some light hiking. The Quilted Parka is perfect for those sorts of days where it's quite likely the sun will vanish before you've got five minutes on your commute. The adjustable sleeve openings with hidden adjustable elastic allow the ability to really prevent the rain from getting in, while the drawstring allows you to pull the hood tight over your hairdo.

For women looking for a longer coat, then why not try the Long W Jacket. As the name implies, it's a three-quarter length version of Rains's W Jacket. This little beauty with an elasticated waist and jacket edge gives the jacket a more feminine look, and comes in five very distinctive colours. For those long runs, why not stand out from your fellow keep fit fans with a sporty Tracksuit Jacket. Again, adjustable elastic at the jacket edge and elastic sleeves mould the jacket to the body, and the hood can be stored in the collar to prevent it flapping. It comes in a range of stunning colours that could keep you safe in traffic.

The best waterproof jackets for him

While Rains's products have a deliberate unisex edge to them, many are also clearly preferred by customer gender. Like the women's jackets, some are suitable for the whole year round, others depending on a summer or winter climate. Why not cut a distinctive streak in a metallic Jacket, one of the 10 colours that the well-named Jacket comes in. It has a minimalist look that speaks of urban streets and inner-city cool, with traditional Rains traits such as a back shield, fishtail, an adjustable shade hood. For even more protection from the elements, the Long Jacket also goes for a minimalist look, with buttons up the front and the company's shield and fishtail at the back. But if heat is what you are after, then the Puffer Jacket is the perfect waist-length protection for you. With seamless woven chamber, the 3M ™ Thinsulate ™ insulation is designed to keep in the heat no matter how cold, icy and snowy it is outside. Also featuring a padded hood to prevent loss of heat from the all-important head area, it's finished in the company's traditional matte look for added waterproofing. For a longer, breathable, yet heat-retaining duvet jacket, why not try out the extended version - the Long Puffa Jacket.


What types of waterproof jackets are available from RAINS?
At RAINS you can buy a wide variety of waterproof jackets. For example the Jacket, Long Jacket, Curve Jacket, Longer Jacket, Fishtail Parka, Cape and many others.

What colors are waterproof jackets from RAINS available in?
The waterproof jackets from RAINS are available in a wide variety of colors. Everything from black, navy blue, green, gray and many others.

What material is waterproof jackets from RAINS made of?
Waterproof jackets from RAINS are made of RAINS' waterproof signature PU material with ultrasonically welded seams as well as a light and soft finish.