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Men's Rain Jackets

Here comes the rain… don´t worry about it with a Rains’ men’s waterproof jacket. Comfortable, classic and designed to last our rain jackets for men come in a variety of styles.

Looking good with Rains’ men’s waterproof jackets

Rains has been designing versatile and practical rain jackets for men since 2012. Inspired by the Scandinavian climate (similar to the UK – sunshine and showers interspersed with plenty of heavy rain!) we have produced a great range of jackets that are both timeless and functional. The era of the dull (and sometimes rather smelly!) waterproof coat or jacket has long gone. Think of grand dads' old fishing jacket – a mixture of old-fashioned waterproofing methods and possibly a bit fishy! If this has conjured up in your mind what the classic men's waterproof jacket is about then standby to be pleasantly surprised! Innovations in the last few years with the development of modern products and techniques in waterproofing cloth have vastly improved the range of fabrics that are available to designers like ourselves to use.

Rains vanguard designs for waterproof jackets

Our designers have brought together the old traditional methods with the new techniques to create our latest line of products. We have taken the classic rubber raincoat and totally reinvented it to come up with a range of men’s waterproof jackets that suit any wardrobe. No more will the poor old coat or jacket consigned to the back of the cupboard under the stairs! You will be amazed at the range of men's waterproof jackets that are now available at the click of a button or a browse through one of our stores. No longer the dull greys, browns and greens, you will find among our collection a colour choice to suit your mood or need. Designed for both work and leisure time, Rains’ rain jackets for men move through the colour spectrum, from neutral greys and browns to bright orange and yellow. What better way to brighten up a dull and dreary day than popping to the shops in sunshine yellow! Or never be lost in the commuter crowd again in your dazzlingly orange waterproof. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or blend into the background we have a stylish and practical jacket for you. Our designs give you the ideal jacket that allows you to go from the office to after-hours with ease and style. Knowing that there are times when you will need a bag or case for carrying your laptop or travelling items we can cater for those too. So why not complement your look with one of our stylish waterproof backpacks, travel or laptop bags or wallets – all created with the modern man in mind.

Contemporary and hard-wearing rain jackets for men

A rain jacket is not just for the rain. There really are times when the sun does come out and it is warm and dry. However, how many times have there been occasions when you have left home and the sun is shining and yet within a short space of time the clouds have rolled in and rain is just over the horizon. Or you get up in the morning for your usual commute to work and you know that rain is forecast. But that could mean you will be encumbered, not just by a jacket, but an overcoat and maybe an umbrella just for good measure! What you need is one garment that will allow you to look stylish and contemporary whilst being kept dry! Well our range of waterproof jackets for men provide the ideal solution. At Rains we know our clients love to look good all the time. We know that it is important to our clients that we produce garments that are functional and utilitarian without compromising either comfort or style.

A rain jacket for every occasions

So our designers have come up with a range of modern and practical men’s waterproof jackets that will suit any occasion, from a night out with the boys to a hot date to a formal work meeting. Our rain gear is based on the traditional rubber raincoat, and encompasses lightweight materials, poppers, pull cords, plenty of pocket space and a classic fit. We have taken the best bits from old styles and put them together with modern technology and fabrics to produce our men's waterproof clothing range. Whether you´re looking for a lightweight day-to-day jacket or something a bit sturdier from our Thermal Collection you can find a raincoat to suit you online or in one of our stores. Life is for living and you need to be out there experiencing it! You do not want to spend your life cooped up inside your home, car or office just because it is raining. What better way to blow away the cobwebs from a day in the office than a walk in the rain along a beach or in a park? Rainy days will never get you down again!

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