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Waterproof Puffer Jackets

Discover our collection of waterproof Puffer Jackets made out of highly durable materials that can withhold any type of weather, while still feeling comforting to the touch. RAINS’ Waterproof Puffer Jackets selection reflects classic trends that never go out of style, why you can be absolutely sure to love our winter jackets for many years to come. Our creation is unisex and is a complementary piece to any wardrobe. Find your perfect Puffer Jacket at RAINS and get both function and style in one.

Enjoy the simplicity of the Scandinavian design

Choose between our Puffer Jacket and Long Puffer Jacket, depending on whether you prefer a shorter style or one with more coverage. Both styles are made with the minimalistic Scandinavian design in mind, which is characterised by clean lines and calm colours.

One can never go wrong with the simplicity of our winter jackets as their effortlessness always feels soothing to the eye. Nevertheless, aesthetic details have been added to give the design an extra touch of something special. For instance, these include seamless woven chambers, durable rubber trimmings and elements out of stainless steal. The logo is elegantly placed on the zipper for a subtle and elegant look.

A signature component to all RAINS’ products and collections, is the performative PU coating which is also found on our popular hooded puffer jackets. PU, or fluorinate-free polyurethane is a 100% water-resistant, windproof and ensures that you can wear your jacket for many seasons.

You can never go wrong with the colours of our Long waterproof Puffer Jackets

In our assortment of Waterproof Puffer Jackets, Long Puffer Jackets and Long Puffer Coats, you will find subtle colours inspired by nature. One of which is a deep forest green that blends well with outdoor surroundings and is an all time favorite. Our green selection offers just the right amount of personality, while still being easy to integrate into any given style and colour palette.

For even more classical options, RAINS offers black and white hooded puffer jacket. The white colour is crisp with cold undertones and matches perfectly with the fresh snow hitting the ground for the first time. Despite being considered as common, white really stands out in the crowd and gives your winter look even more style.

If you want a Waterproof Puffer Jacket or Long Puffer Coat that always looks great, black is the colour for you. It requires minimal maintenance and always looks as good as new. We believe that it is simply impossible to go wrong with black. The matte finish and detailed features give the jacket just enough character, so you never have to worry about it being bland.

Complete your waterproof Puffer Jacket with accessories from RAINS

Choosing a puffer jacket from RAINS, ensures that you can always find other matching items and unique accessories to match. For headwear you can go with our popular Padded Bucket Hat to make you even more warm and cozy for the colder months. Just as the Puffer Jackets, the hat is coated in 100% water-resistant PU coating, so you are always sure to stay completely dry.

If you want to rock a full set this season, a pair of waterproof RAINS trousers is exactly what you need. Our waterproof trousers come in matching colours for the jackets, so you can have a monochrome look. Are you more into a pop of colour? Then your options are also many. Consider accessorising with a bright Backpack in yellow or a smaller Rucksack in shiny amber for that extra detail.

Whether you decide to combine your winter jacket with a wibrant wash bag or accessories in the same tones, you can be sure to mix and match between our whole product range, no matter if it's one of our Waterproof Winter Jackets or one of our classic rain jackets. 

Vegan down in our Hooded Puffer Jacket – Let’s change the industry together

All our products are 100% vegan, which means that we do not use natural down in our Hooded Puffer Jacket and Puffer Jacket selection. Instead, we use high-tech featherless material that reflects perfectly with our innovative approach to everything that we do. Our goal has always been to rethink our production and provide quality- and environment-conscious consumers with an inventive product line.

In this regard we have had assistance from experts and scientists that have helped us to come up with a material that is even better than natural down. Our featherless material feels just as soft as down, nevertheless exceeds the warmth of natural down when wet. This underlines that our Puffer Jackets are suitable for any type of weather and always reliable despite what activity you are doing outdoor.

All together, you get a sturdy item that fulfills all fashion requirements, while at the same time promoting animal welfare and a cruelty-free approach in the industry. As a clothing brand we want to take responsibility for the production and make it as harmless as possible. We hope that you want to join us.


What is a puffer jacket?
A puffer jacket is a quilted jacket that you would wear in the winter. It is made for keeping you warm and RAINS collection will keep you dry at the same time.

Are RAINS puffer jackets waterproof?
Yes, RAINS puffer jackets are completely water-resistant and windproof. The good quality ensures your jacket will last for many years.

What characterize RAINS puffer jackets?
Our puffer jackets are made in a minimalistic design. They are vegan and made of thinsulate featherless isulation, which is just as warm and soft as animal down.