Women's Rain Jackets

You can’t control the weather but you can control how good you look when you’re out in the rain! Inspired by the Scandinavian climate, Rains’ selection of rain jackets for women combines style, practicality and plenty of originality.

Unique rain jackets for women

Meet our superb range of durable women’s rain jackets. Inspired by the cool and wet Scandinavian climates of Norway and Denmark (although it is beautifully sunny sometimes!) we’ve come up with a series of unique garments to suit all weathers. Don´t let the rain keep you indoors, with a Rains’ women’s waterproof jacket you can get out there and enjoy life! Whether you’re walking the dog, taking the kids to school or commuting to the office, a Rains’ waterproof jacket will keep you cosy and dry (and you’ll look good too!). We’ve thought of everything for your comfort, from zippers, poppers and drawstring cords to a plethora of bright rainbow colours that span the spectrum. A rainy day will never get you down again!

Essential women’s waterproof jackets

In the UK you’re never far from a rain shower and covering up with the right rain jacket is a must. We know you want to look good as well as keep dry which is why our designers have come up with a varied range of waterproof jackets to suit modern day living. The collection consists of overcoats, parkas, jackets, macs and anoraks in both short and long styles. Stand out from the crowd in a bright orange Breaker unisex rain jacket, go for something a little subtler with a matte finish Camp anorak or dare to be different in a camouflage Parka. And why not enhance your style statement with something from our handy waterproof accessories range? We’ve got laptop bags, travel bags, purses and totes – all designed with rain protection in mind.

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