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Waterproof Hats

No matter what the weather, Rains have a hat to suit you. Our cool rain hat range includes caps and wide-brimmed hats (great for both rain and sun protection!).

Waterproof hats for all occasions

From classic caps to the wide-brimmed Boonie Hat a Rains rain hat will protect you in light drizzle or a heavy downpour. You need never worry about getting your hair wet when you team up your Rains waterproof coat with a rain hat. All our hats complement the wide range of rain gear our Scandinavian-inspired designs offer. Why not add to your Rains collection with a waterproof bag, laptop bag or purse too? Complete your modern and stylish look from the Rains range.

The Boonie rain hat – for men and women

At Rains we’ve reinvented the traditional wide-brimmed rain hat and come up with our fabulous Boonie Hat. Inspired by the wide-brimmed hats used by the military the Boonie will keep you dry (or in shade) and features a chin strap to keep your hat in place. Made from fully water-resistant fabric with a matte finish this waterproof hat combines perfectly with a waterproof Rains jacket or coat.

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