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Waterproof Hats

Explore our extensive collection of waterproof hats. RAINS’ waterproof headwear is made of dura-ble and sustainable materials that will make you smile for many years to come. We ensure you the highest quality and trendy designs, all with the environment in mind. Our selection of rain hats can fit any style and is the ideal gear for outdoor activities.

Get lost in the universe of different colours and shapes and find your perfect piece at RAINS.

A wide selection of waterproof hats

Alongside the water-resistant outerwear, the RAINS collection consists of a wide variety of water-proof accessories, including waterproof hats. The rain hats for women and men are stylish, yet functional items created for protec-tion from rainy weather or simply as an accessory to your outfit. Avoid strolling the streets of the city and being caught up in pouring rain. No matter if the weather turns wet and gloomy, you can always count on RAINS, and stay dry with our rain apparel and other waterproof goods.

We have made sure that you have a wide assortment to choose from, why you can find both caps, boonie hats and bucket hats in our selection. Explore the different colours, including matte classics such as black, white, and beige, but also more colourful options such as dusty pink, light yellow or shiny amber. Have in mind that we often change our product range and create new silhouettes and colours, why we always recommend you stay posted on our website.

Boonie Hat - The wide brimmed rain hat

RAINS is all about reinventing classics. Together with the RAINS iconic pieces such as the Curve Jacket and Backpacks, you will find a variety of smaller accessories including a rain hat named Boonie Hat. The RAINS Boonie Hat is a newcomer to the collection and is available in various col-ours. Drawing inspiration from the wide-brim hat commonly used by military forces, the Boonie Hat is designed with a wide brim and features a chinstrap to provide full comfort. This hat is craft-ed from a water-resistant fabric with a matte finish that will match perfectly with our rain pants, jackets and be a true companion to the RAINS backpacks.

Need a hat for any occasion? Try the Women's and Men's Bucket Hat

Bucket Hats have been dominating the fashion scene for a long while and will continue to do so with good reason. This style of rain hat is a true classic that combines perfectly with water-resistant outerwear for both men and women. The RAINS Women's and Men's Bucket Hat feels light and breathable, why you can pull it out of the closet even in the warm times of the year to encounter the occasion-al summer rainfall.

If you love the Bucket Hat style but are on the lookout for a warmer option, we got you. In our se-lection you also find a Padded Bucket Hat that is perfect for the cooler months. We have kept the same iconic silhouette, nevertheless added a light padding to keep you extra warm and cozy.

Try our rainhats for women and men

A style that you can never go wrong with is the Rains Cap. This headwear piece has been a true classic for years, and no one can imagine this ever changing. We have made the Cap simple and elegant to fit all sorts of wardrobes and added an adjustable closure for optimal comfort. No mat-ter if you wish to purchase our Cap for yourself or someone you care about, you can be absolutely sure that it will be loved and warn daily. This style is great for trips on the bike, or even as an ac-cessory to festive events if you want to achieve a more laid-back look.

This waterproof hat comes in the same colours as the rest of our rainwear collection, so you always can find your perfect match. Choose between black, blue, and green, or one of the other colours we regu-larly add to the collection. Achieve the most put together outfit by e.g., combining the hat with the functional Quilted Jacket and the spacious weekend bag for an adventurous getaway with friends.

The RAINS recipe is better than the best cake you ever baked

You can always expect the highest quality when purchasing your favorite items from RAINS. All our products are made from strong and recyclable polyester, together with the performative PU coat-ing. The PU, also called fluorinate-free polyurethane keeps you safe from the wind and ensures that no water gets in, no matter how heavy the rain might be. Together these materials make you feel light as a feather and last you for many years. With RAINS you should never worry about mak-ing a bad investment, as we always make sure to create durable products with designs that you will not get tired of.

Additionally, no compromises have been made with the details. Our waterproof hats are composed with ultra-sonic welding, waterproof zippers, sustainable hardware made of stainless steel and more. All to provide you with best possible product that gives you a feeling of exclusivity and makes sure that no water will leak through.

We are always green – despite the colour of your hat

Green is and has always been the colour of our dna. at rains social environmental political concerns function as core for all operations are factors that we constantly seek to im-prove. respect human rights environment actively engaged in governmen-tal challenges countries operate. want create waterproof apparel people around world can wear with a good conscience knowing they besides having functional good-looking rain gear supporting planet living it. be voice those who struggle being heard it something feel responsible for.

Without the fear of being naïve, we always strive to improve the world in several aspects. We deeply believe that doing something is always better than doing nothing. We wish to encounter current global challenges, despite their unmanageable nature.