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The RAINS design team blends minimal, Scandinavian design with highly technical materials to create durable icons of style. Explore the broad selection of rainwear online and in stores.

Fight pouring weather with raingear

Occasionally, the weather is unpredictable and you find yourself being trapped in a downpour not wearing a rain jacket. However, rainwear is the way to go when the weather seems gloomy. Being an essential part of the fashion scene, rainwear comes in a wide selection of colours, patterns and fits and is created to complete the existing wardrobe. Raingear of today makes it possible to get through a light drizzle and even a heavy downpour and still look stylish. When it comes to staying protected and comfortable yet stylish in wet weather, RAINS got you covered. Explore the wide selection of RAINS rainwear including some of the classics – Jacket, Long Jacket and Curve Jacket. Stay dry in style with the RAINS raingear.

Rainwear withstanding the wet elements

Striving to combine durability with functionality and timeless design, RAINS creates outerwear staples that last beyond the season. Based on an intention to rethink the traditional rubber raincoat, RAINS launched their first take on novel yet practical rainwear in 2012. Since then, the collection has expanded with several new styles including a selection of waterproof bags, backpacks and accessories. Created to withstand the wet elements, raingear from RAINS is crafted from a polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating and completed with ultrasonically welded seams as well as waterproof aqua guard coil zippers. By merging form and function, rainwear from RAINS is composed to fit any given occasion – from a casual stroll in the park to more formal events.

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