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Green Rain Jackets & Raincoats

Since the foundation of RAINS, the green raincoat has been an essential part of the collection. Due to the combination of function and form, the green rain jacket is a true icon of style.

Green raincoats for gloomy days

Along with neutral tones as black and blue, the green raincoat has been an essential part of the RAINS collection since the brand was founded in 2012. Since the first collection was launched, new styles and novel colours have been added. The newer colours range from bright tones as red and yellow to various shades of grey and brown. However, as an essential colourway, the green rain jacket is a true wardrobe staple that suits almost any lifestyle and occasion – from a casual stroll in nature to more formal events. Along with the extensive selection of functional and novel outerwear, the RAINS collection consists of waterproof accessories and bags created to protect your essentials from the wet elements. Get dressed for gloomy days with RAINS.

Creating green rain jackets

Combining function with timeless design, RAINS draws inspiration from the unpredictable Scandinavian weather. Created to endure the wet elements, the green raincoat styles from RAINS are crafted from an innovative and durable polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating and completed with adjustable cords for a personal fit. Focusing on form as well as function, each style in the collection holds the minimal RAINS aesthetic and is designed with the recognizable RAINS hardware. Modern men and women of today demand both form and function. RAINS provides these people with functional and novel green raincoats that suit any lifestyle and occasion. Explore the full RAINS collection consisting of bags and accessories as well as waterproof outerwear in an extensive selection of colours and fits.

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