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Green Rain Jackets and Raincoats

Ever since the establishment of RAINS, the green raincoat has been an essential part of the collec-tion. Due to the combination of functionality and elegance, the green rain jacket has become a true icon of style. Discover our unique designs of rain jacket and coats in the deep forest green colour. In combination with our accessories and other water-resistant clothing items, we are sure that this colour will be your go-to for many years to come.

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Defy gloomy days with a green rain jacket from RAINS

Along with neutral tones as black and blue, the green raincoat has been an essential part of the RAINS collection since the brand was founded in 2012. Followed by the first collection, new styles and innovative details have been added. The newer colourways range from bright tones such as pink and yellow to various shades of grey and brown. However, as an essential colourway, the green rain jacket is a true wardrobe staple that suits almost any lifestyle and occasion – from a casual stroll in the park to more formal events. This may explain why exactly green has been one of our customers’ most popular choices.

Alongside the extensive selection of functional and innovative outerwear rains collection consists various waterproof accessories bags created to protect your essentials be perfect match rain jacket or coat. course these do also come in same shade green as our clothing.

Get dressed for gloomy days with RAINS.

Find different silhouettes to fit any occasion

Regardless of what silhouette you prefer, you can be sure to find it at RAINS. We have a large se-lection of green rain jackets and raincoats to fit in the exact way that you desire. For a short and practical look the Jacket or Short Hooded Coat might just be the right option. RAINS Jacket is a classic made out of a lightweight fabric that is both water-resistant and windproof. This rain jacket has an adjustable hood that functions as a cap, so no water gets in your face. Another rain jacket, with a handy hood is the Short-Hooded Coat that has a different design and even more useful fea-tures, including a string detail along the hemline and hood.

If you are on the lookout for a long style that can provide more coverage, the Long Jacket or Curve Jacket will be just right. Base your choice on the way you want the rain jacket to fall on your body, whether it being a straight and rather loose fit, or more sculpted while emphasising the waist.

Considering something completely different – what about a modern take on the classic poncho? RAINS Cape is exactly that, nevertheless altered to be functional in an active lifestyle. Jump on your bike and enjoy all the smart features of this item, including double welted pockets, draw-string hood and the optional sleeves.

RAINS’ signature recipe is the key to a perfect green rain jacket

Combining function with a timeless design, RAINS draws inspiration from the unpredictable Scan-dinavian weather. Created to endure the wet elements, the green raincoat styles from RAINS are crafted from an innovative and durable polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating and complet-ed with adjustable cords for a personal fit. Together these fabrics make up the most resilient and comfortable rainwear that you want to put on again and again. Focusing on form as well as func-tion, each style in the collection holds the minimalistic RAINS aesthetic and is designed with the recognisable RAINS hardware.

Modern men and women of today demand both form and function. RAINS provides people with functional and re-thought green raincoats that is ideal for any lifestyle. Explore the full RAINS col-lection consisting of bags and accessories, as well as waterproof outerwear in an extensive selec-tion of colours and fits.

Combine your green raincoat with other items and accessories

Complete your look with a green RAINS bag or the various accessories in our assortment. The deep khaki green fits perfectly with the majority of styles and colours, so why not consider extending your collec-tion? For instance, our RAINS Crossbody & Bum bags could be a great additional detail to our coats or even the more spacious styles such as our backpacks, in case you need a little extra space.

When it comes to accessorising, we can not avoid mentioning RAINS headwear that together with a rain jacket, can take your looks to new heights. For extra rainy days or if you want to make a statement, the Boonie Hat is a great option. The wide brims prevent your face from getting wet and gives the look more personality and edge. If you seek a more classic feel, you should explore our Caps and Bucket Hats that come in various forms. On the days, the air feels extra crisp and cold, you can always put on a pair of Gloves or Mittens to keep your hands nice and cozy while running errands or doing activities outside.

Choose the green rain jacket to go with RAINS’ green approach

Green does not solely translate to our rain gear, but also our attitude towards social, environmental, and economic concerns worldwide. RAINS seek to have a positive impact on sustainable development and pushes the fashion industry to make more conscious decisions when it comes to the production and the people behind it.

Our focus on longevity goes beyond the practical meaning of the word and reflects some of our core val-ues. We want to make rain apparel that lasts for an extensive amount of time, both to make our custom-ers happy, but also to reduce the environmental impact made by overproduction. This is exactly why we focus on using the most durable materials that are easy to maintain and clean. The fabrics are a 100% vegan and PFC/PVC-free, meaning you do not have to worry about mistreatment of animals or harmful chemicals.

All in all, you can enjoy all RAINS products with a completely clear conscience.