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Black Raincoats & Rain Jackets

The classic black raincoat is an essential element of the RAINS collection and a true wardrobe staple. However, the black rain jackets are always to be found along with other novel tones.

Stay dry in style with a black rain jacket

A black raincoat is a true icon of style that completes the remaining wardrobe on gloomy days. Pair it with a novel and functional RAINS waterproof backpack composed to protect all your essentials from the wet elements. RAINS was established in 2012 based on an aim to reinvent traditional rubber rainwear. Ever since the beginning, RAINS has been supplying men and women with fashionable, functional and comfortable rainwear carefully composed to suit any occasion. When the wet weather strikes, leave the umbrella at home and welcome the rain in a black raincoat from RAINS. From city strolls to workday commutes, RAINS got you covered when a downpour arrives. Explore the complete collection of rain gear online and in stores.

The black raincoat

From the very beginning it has been RAINS’ greatest intention to reinvent the traditional rubber raincoat in a contemporary yet functional manner – and the black RAINS raincoat is of no exception. Ever since the first styles were designed and launched, the black version has been a key element of the collection. As an essential colourway, the black raincoats are always to be found together with other true RAINS colours such as blue, green and the traditional raincoat colour yellow. However, RAINS is much more than waterproof raincoats and rain jacket. The RAINS collection holds bags, backpacks and accessories in an extensive selection of colours and different styles. Explore the full RAINS collection including black raincoats, jackets and trousers online and in stores.

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