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The feet are the most underrated part of the body, and one often neglects its overall well-being. Your outdoor footwear needs to be classy and comfortable to give you the right balance of ease and styling. RAINS brings you an affordable range of waterproof footwear that can be carried in any place at any season.

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Our contemporary RAINS shoes are specially crafted to give your toes much-needed relaxation and, at the same time, offer you an easy outing during moist weather. The waterproof footwear is made of trademark RAINS signature materials that are durable, breathable as well as stylish.

Boots for the perfect blend of formals and casuals

Boots are one statement piece that can instantly elevate your style quotient when you wear them. Designed with stylish material and offering a rigid sole, these boots from RAINS are nothing less than statement pieces. Our boots are also one among the waterproof footwear that can be conveniently teamed with any day-to-day dressing and attire. 

These unisex pieces provide maximum traction in every season. The fabric material of our boots also delivers optimum stretch for ease of foot movement. Available in different colours and varied styles, the soft laces, rubberised hooks, eyelets, and lace with a heel, counter, and side branding complete the look.

Try our LOGO Socks for the extra comfort

RAINS offer a range of socks to make you feel even more comfortable in your shoes. We have a versatile range of logo socks in different lengths and colours. The Polyamide yarn used to create these socks is stretchy, resulting in greater comfort and a better fit. 

Slim ribs and a soft gloss lend an athletic vibe to the design. At the bottom of the heel and the bottom of the cuff, these socks are themed with RAINS branding. The socks from the brand are a perfect companion for your outdoor footwear.

Knee high socks offers a vintage feel

If you like to dress above the average and want to stand out of the crowd, then our knee-high socks can be perfectly teamed with any waterproof footwear of your choice. The knee-high Logo Socks are made of Polyamide, a stretchy material that provides additional comfort and improved fit. 

An athletic style is presented by the knee-high hemline, sleek rib, and slight gloss. These Knee-High Logo Socks' toes and back cuffs feature RAINS branding and offer the best stylish vibe.

Are waterproof shoes breathable?

Most waterproof shoes are breathable which is important in order to let humidity and moisture escape from your feet. However, waterproof shoes are, because of their hydrophobic qualities, not as breathable as non-waterproof shoes. If a waterproof shoe is not breathable at all it will trap the perspiration inside the shoe and create a humid environment. For example rubber boots are less breathable than water resistant boots made from polyurethane or vinyl materials. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both water resistant and waterproof shoes, as the more you seal moisture out, the more you’re sealing it in. 

What does waterproof shoes mean?

A waterproof shoe is a shoe with high water resistance that is designed to keep your feet dry by keeping water and moisture from getting through the shoe. Different kinds of waterproof shoes have various levels of water resistance depending on the material they are made of. Waterproof shoes are most often made from a combination of hydrophobic materials such as rubber, vinyl, polyurethane or nylon that has been treated to repel water. Usually a shoe is not 100% waterproof but has a very high level of water resistance which allows for more breathability.