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The festival season is upon us. For many, that means a lot of time spent listening to music and making new memories. At a festival, it is essential to have free hands and a place for the most important items. Bringing a crossbody bag to a music festival is both practical and will function as a safe space for your valuables..

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Rains Rolltop Rucksack Backpacks 29 NightRains Rolltop Rucksack Backpacks 29 Night

Rolltop Rucksack


Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Weekender 47 NavyRains Hilo Weekend Bag Weekender 47 Navy

Hilo Weekend Bag


Rains Backpack Backpacks 47 NavyRains Backpack Backpacks 47 Navy



Rains MSN Bag Backpacks 13 GreyRains MSN Bag Backpacks 13 Grey



Rains Backpack Mini Backpacks 12 FireRains Backpack Mini Backpacks 12 Fire

Backpack Mini


Rains Tote Bag Mini Tote 29 NightRains Tote Bag Mini Tote 29 Night

Tote Bag Mini


Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Small Weekender 29 NightRains Hilo Weekend Bag Small Weekender 29 Night

Hilo Weekend Bag Small


Trail Gym Bag


Rains Tote Bag Tote 24 SandRains Tote Bag Tote 24 Sand

Tote Bag


Rains Texel Tote Backpack Backpacks 03 GreenRains Texel Tote Backpack Backpacks 03 Green

Texel Tote Backpack


Rains MSN Bag Mini Backpacks 22 WindRains MSN Bag Mini Backpacks 22 Wind

MSN Bag Mini


Texel Duffel Bag Small


Rains Box Bag Crossbody 29 NightRains Box Bag Crossbody 29 Night

Box Bag


Rains Texel Kit Bag Weekender 03 GreenRains Texel Kit Bag Weekender 03 Green

Texel Kit Bag


Rains Backpack Micro Backpacks 11 FlintRains Backpack Micro Backpacks 11 Flint

Backpack Micro


Rains Texel Crossbody Bag Crossbody 10 StormRains Texel Crossbody Bag Crossbody 10 Storm

Texel Crossbody Bag


Rains Cargo Box Bag Crossbody 24 SandRains Cargo Box Bag Crossbody 24 Sand

Cargo Box Bag


Rains Box Bag Micro Crossbody 11 FlintRains Box Bag Micro Crossbody 11 Flint

Box Bag Micro


Rains Bum Bag Mini Bum bag 10 StormRains Bum Bag Mini Bum bag 10 Storm

Bum Bag Mini


Rains Tote Bag Micro Tote 10 StormRains Tote Bag Micro Tote 10 Storm

Tote Bag Micro


Rains Trail Sling Bag Sling 03 GreenRains Trail Sling Bag Sling 03 Green

Trail Sling Bag


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Rains Bum Bag Bum bag 01 BlackRains Bum Bag Bum bag 01 Black

Bum Bag


Rains Trail Tote Bag Tote 01 BlackRains Trail Tote Bag Tote 01 Black

Trail Tote Bag


Rains Soft Cooler Lunch Bag Large Food Storage 01 BlackRains Soft Cooler Lunch Bag Large Food Storage
New style

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Best bags for festivals

During the summer, events such as festivals attract a lot of people. At festivals, music is playing and people are having fun, while new memories are created. When attending festivals, dressing accordingly for the event and the weather is necessary. However, the biggest question is: what to wear to a festival?

One of the most important features of a festival outfit is a bag – A festival outfit is never complete without a bag. Festival bags allow you to go hands-free and take in the shows, while keeping all the essentials in one safe place. The bag needs to be both functional and practical at the same time as being a part of the outfit.

What to look for in a bag for festivals

The most important thing to keep in mind when finding a music festival bag is the type of festival or venue.

During a one-day music festival, such as the Yam Carnival, a crossbody bag is a safe place to carry essential items, such as phone, wallet and keys. A crossbody bag is a practical accessory to bring about on a music festival, because it will give optimal movement throughout both day and night.

At festivals over several days, such as Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival or Leeds Festival, a waterproof weekend bag or a box bag will give opportunity for keeping both clothing, toiletries and electronics dry and safe. The weekend bag can be carried over the shoulder or across the body with the detachable shoulder strap, or as a handbag with its carry handles.

An all-weather bag

The weather forecast should also be kept in mind, as it impacts what type of bag is needed. The best bag for music festivals is ideally one that is waterproof and lightweight, because it will be carried around all day, regardless of the weather. To keep electronics and other essentials safe and dry, it has to have compartments and pockets with zips as well.

RAINS festival bags

Crossbody bags from RAINS have adjustable straps and can be worn across the body, over the shoulder or around the waist for maximal comfort. RAINS weekend and box bags features compartments, carry handles as well as a detachable shoulder strap. Bags for festival from RAINS are cut in a waterproof design, engineered for carrying strength and durability, has a smooth feel and is finished with tonal or coated zippers. RAINS bags are unisex and can withstand weather conditions on even the rainiest festival days.

Explore the RAINS range of festival bags and find the one that suits your needs for the upcoming festivals.

Men’s and women’s festival bags

A woman probably needs a few more items than a man does, but that does not need to be the case. Some men have hair products and other items that women might not, and so there isn’t much difference when it comes to how big the bag needs to be. The festival bags can fit both women’s and men’s things, and if you choose an extra big bag, you and your partner can keep your festival things in one place.

Crossbody bags for festivals

A popular choice for people who attend festivals is the crossbody bag. Some of these are in the style of a bum bag/waist bag, whereas others look like regular shoulder bags that can be worn across the body. A festival crossbody bag is optimal for festival guests who just need a small bag for their most essential items. If you need an extra small bag, you can choose a small crossbody festival bag, and this is very small and can store your wallet and keys and probably your phone. The smallest crossbody bags for festivals can easily be worn under your jacket.

Good reasons to have a RAINS festival bag

Whether you need a big festival bag such as a Weekend Bag, Weekend Bag Large or a Tote Bag Rush or a small bag like for example a bum bag or crossbody bag, you can expect high quality and a water-repellent PU material. This is because RAINS focuses on creating practical and durable bags and other items that are made to last.

What bag should I take to a festival?

Which bag you should bring when going to festivals depends on what type of event it is, and whether it is possible to buy food and drinks at the festival, or whether you have to have brought something. One important aspect that applies to attending some festivals is that there might be requirements for the bag you bring, and some demand that its size is limited. This is why it is a good idea to get acquainted with the requirements for the specific festival beforehand, so you are prepared.