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Waterproof Parka Jackets

The Parka Coat is an icon of style. Inspired by the original Parka style, RAINS offers a waterproof Parka featuring adjustable cords, a hood and water-resistant zippers.

The iconic Parka Coat

The Parka coat is a true icon with a long and rich heritage. The Parka coat was originally created by the indigenous Inuit people as a way to stay protected from the harsh polar conditions. In the 1950’s, the US military introduced the Parka style as a part of their military uniform. However, the military Parka differed from the Inuit Parka as it was designed in sage green and with a fur-lined hood. In the following years, the Parka style gained prominence in the western cultures and today, it is an iconic piece of outerwear. The Parka style exists in numerous different colours and fits – from padded styles for cold conditions to waterproof Parkas created to be worn on gloomy days.

Suit up in RAINS waterproof Parka

The RAINS collection consists of a wide selection on raingear including a long rain Parka. The RAINS waterproof Parka provides protection even in the gloomiest days. Crafted from a durable, water-resistant fabric and featuring adjustable cords, snap buttons and spacious pockets, RAINS’ Parka coat is a fashionable yet functional piece of outerwear. Furthermore, the Parka jacket features a two-way aqua guard coil zipper and adjustable cords to ensure water resistance. Due to the combination of style and function, the waterproof Parka makes it possible to stay dry in style. Get dressed for rainy days with RAINS’ Parka style available in various colours.

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