Women's Rainwear

Discover our collection of women’s rainwear, made from highly durable materials that can withhold any type of weather. Women’s rainwear from Rains is designed to reflect classic trends that never go out of style, allowing you to wear your rainwear for many seasons. Find your favourite models and colours, to compliment your style.

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Rains Long Jacket Jackets 03 GreenRains Long Jacket Jackets 03 Green

Long Jacket


Rains Jacket Jackets 11 FlintRains Jacket Jackets 11 Flint



Rains Curve W Jacket Jackets 29 NightRains Curve W Jacket Jackets 29 Night

Curve W Jacket


Rains Fishtail Parka Jackets 24 SandRains Fishtail Parka Jackets 24 Sand

Fishtail Parka


Rains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 BlackRains Longer Jacket Jackets 01 Black

Longer Jacket


Rains String W Parka Jackets 22 WindRains String W Parka Jackets 22 Wind

String W Parka


Rains Rain Pants Regular Pants 11 FlintRains Rain Pants Regular Pants 11 Flint

Rain Pants Regular


Rains A-line W Jacket Jackets 30 PowderRains A-line W Jacket Jackets 30 Powder

A-line W Jacket


Rains Rain Pants Regular Pants 47 NavyRains Rain Pants Regular Pants 47 Navy

Rain Pants Regular


Rains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 03 GreenRains Fishtail Jacket Jackets 03 Green

Fishtail Jacket


Rains Cape Capes 84 Black GrainRains Cape Capes 84 Black Grain



Rains Rain Pants Slim Pants 01 BlackRains Rain Pants Slim Pants 01 Black
Rains String W Jacket Jackets 12 FireRains String W Jacket Jackets 12 Fire

String W Jacket


Rains Cargo Rain Pants Wide Pants 22 WindRains Cargo Rain Pants Wide Pants 22 Wind

Cargo Rain Pants Wide


Rains Cargo Rain Pants Regular Pants 03 GreenRains Cargo Rain Pants Regular Pants 03 Green
Rains String W Jacket Jackets 30 PowderRains String W Jacket Jackets 30 Powder

String W Jacket


Rains Storm Breaker Jackets 13 GreyRains Storm Breaker Jackets 13 Grey

Storm Breaker


Rains rainwear: The perfect blend of Scandinavian design and functionality

Besides making sure you stay dry and warm on rainy days, Rains apparel will do so in style, keeping up the pace with the latest and greatest from the fashion world, while at the same time remaining faithful to the simple, clear-cut and timeless Scandinavian design.

Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, Rains practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance. Our mission is to mix function with fashion and come up with the best possible products. Our rainwear is supposed to be a pleasure to wear as well as to look at. Make sure to check out all Rains has on offer – from waterproof pants, to our irreplaceable waterproof winter jackets or accessories.

Keep a stylish look while staying dry and protected

At Rains, we believe that proper rainwear need not come at the cost of considered design. Rather, Rains apparel is designed to withstand the stormiest of weather, all while speaking to the current tendencies of today.

If you are looking for rainwear for your partner, a friend, or family, you can also check out our selection of men’s rainwear.

Arrive to work dry and with a smile in ladies rainwear

A common issue many of our customers previously have faced, is showing up to work, wet and dripping from the rain. In Scandinavia most mornings are rainy and cloudy and after a couple of minutes on the bike, your clothes will be completely wet. However, with our women’s waterproof jackets you can be sure that your clothes will stay dry underneath our jackets and pants. As you come into the office, the rain jacket can quickly be taken off and put away and your slick suit and shirt underneath will be all dry making you ready for your first meeting of the day. 

Both our women's rain jackets and raincoats for women are able to keep you dry.

Get your women’s waterproof trousers at Rains.com

Our rainwear not only includes rain jackets, but also rain pants for women that also truly reflect our vision to keep you nice and dry in all seasons.

A functional, yet modern pair of rain pants, crafted from waterproof PU is all you need if you cannot avoid a downpour or a never-ending drizzle. Stay active and on-the-go, and do not let a summer shower get you off the track.

Rains also has to offer the line of Ultralight Pants for those who value freedom and enjoy the feeling of spaciousness. Breathable PU fabric in a sporty, roomy cut, specially designed to endure wet conditions, while simultaneously providing the wearer with the benefit of staying active. 

The women’s waterproof trousers are suitable for various occasions and come in neutral as well as striking colors including blue, green, camel and shiny blue.

Stay 100% dry with Rains’ rain gear for women

You would be thrilled to hear that everyone benefits from Rains. Our product not only keeps you dry and warm, but also takes care of the planet with our sustainable materials and innovations.

Signature to this promise, it is a lightweight, yet strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. Rains has specifically chosen the PU-coating as it is significantly more environment-friendly than its hormone disrupting alternatives: PVC and DWR-PFC.

The polyester and the PU represent a strong construction that both keeps the fit and keeps you dry. The environmental benefit of polyester is that the synthetic material is completely recyclable.

Nylon is a strong synthetic material and acts as the thermal lining in our high-performance outerwear line. Like polyester, nylon is highly recyclable.

Get all of your waterproof apparel for women from Rains

Rains launched a full collection of waterproof apparel, bags, and accessories. Today, each collection continues in the same spirit; providing a mix between revitalized designs from rainwear archives and original rainwear solutions found exclusively at Rains.

Discover the extensive selection of water-resistant bags designed to serve any lifestyle and occasion. Choose from a variety of styles and for all occasions, backpacks,, travel bags, duffel, or bum bags.

2 years of warranty on all products

When you finish choosing your perfect Rains outfit, you can start to feel excited as your order will be at your doorstep in no time.

We offer the opportunity to return our products ordered from rains.com. You may get a full refund or exchange your item for a different size or color. You have 30 days from the day of receipt to return any unused items.

Stay safe and shop with Rains!


What types of womens rainwear are available from RAINS? We sell a wide variety of rainwear, for example short and long rain jackets, parkas, ponchos and waterproof trousers.

How can I clean my RAINS rainwear? On each product you will find a care label. Here are two at-home suggestions to clean Rains products. 1. Apply methylated spirits/white spirits (for household purposes) onto a dry cloth or sponge and gently apply the cloth or sponge onto the product. 2. Clean surfaces with soapy water and a damp cloth.

Are there any warranty on RAINS rainwear products? We have a 30-day return policy and a 2-year product warranty on all our products.

What is the best waterproof coat for ladies? The best waterproof coat for ladies is a coat that fulfils all needs. For many, the function and quality of a waterproof coat are not enough. Instead, the design of the coat should also be optimal and fit the current trends. Our waterproof coats for ladies combine both high-quality, high functionality and relevance at the same time.

Which quality raincoat is best? What defines the quality of a raincoat as the best is that it makes the coat good enough to withstand cold, rainy and windy weather year after year, season after season. Here, a soft feel, engineered ventilation as well as windproof and lightweight qualities are additional pluses for the overall quality of the best raincoat.

Are raincoats waterproof? Raincoats from Rains are waterproof. They are made from our signature polyurethane (PU) coated material, which makes them waterproof. Besides being waterproof, the raincoats are also windproof, lightweight and have engineered ventilation for ultimate comfort. As a finish, they are designed with a soft feel and an elegant drape.

Are PU raincoats waterproof? Our raincoats cut from Rains’ signature polyurethane (PU) fabric are waterproof. Here, features such as polyester with a polyurethane coating, ultrasonically welded seams, coated zip closure and drawstrings add to the protection against wet elements. As a finish, they are designed with a soft feel and an elegant drape.