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Insulated & Breathable Rain Jackets

The RAINS Thermal collection consists of transitional waterproof and insulated jackets crafted to endure cold and wet weather. Discover the collection online and in RAINS stores.

Waterproof, breathable rain jackets

In a Scandinavian country like Denmark, a sudden shift from a bright and clear morning to a gloomy and wet afternoon is not uncommon – not even during summer time. Founded in Denmark, RAINS draws inspiration from the unpredictable Scandinavian weather and novel design heritage. Merging minimal aesthetics with innovative techniques, RAINS designs waterproof, breathable rain jackets made to endure wet conditions. However, also the Danish winters can turn out to be rainy. During the wet and cold months, a padded and warm raincoat comes in handy. As a newer addition to the collection, the RAINS design team has created a series of transitional waterproof and insulated rain jackets crafted to endure cold and wet weather. The transitional rain jackets are designed for modern men and women of today.

A collection of waterproof and insulated rain jackets

The waterproof and insulated jackets from the RAINS Thermal collection are ideal for the cold and wet months. The collection of transitional outerwear consists of just four styles so far; the unisex B15 Bomber, N3 Parka, Alpine Jacket and women’s Firn Jacket designed to emphasize the female silhouette. The styles are available in colours such as blue, brown and dark teal and feature adjustable cords for a comfortable fit. The transitional rain jackets are crafted from a waterproof fabric with a matte finish and insulated with an innovative polypropylene fiber. Stay dry and comfortable in wet and cold weather with RAINS. Explore the RAINS collection consisting of waterproof and breathable jackets, bags and accessories.

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