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Women's Raincoats

Whether you love bright colours or something a little subtler Rains offers a large range of practical and fashionable raincoats for women. Scandinavia-inspired, our women’s waterproof coats are designed with the modern lady in mind.

Eye-catching raincoats for women.

If you walk down the street or take a stroll in the country in a Rains Womens raincoat you are sure to be noticed and admired. All our raincoats for women are unique and special because we don’t skimp on attention to detail in their design. From wide roomy pockets to poppers, belts and pull-cords we have many interesting quality features included in our garments. Some, such as drawstring hoods with inner caps or ultrasonically welded seams are specially-designed to make sure our garments keep the rain out fully. This is important in any rainwear. Not all manufacturers of it can promise this. We have a painstaking attention to detail, because we know you love all those little extras too. And of course, we understand you ladies adore a full spectrum of colours to choose from. We sell raincoats in black, desert, green including dusty mint, sage and olive, dark blue, lavender, red, neon yellow and fire orange, ice pink and grey. As well as our great colour-range, we offer many variations in style and length. Some raincoats and jackets also have hoods. We produce anoraks, parkas, macs, long jackets, short jackets, ponchos, etcetera. We have all the classic styles of the past but have reinvented them for the Twenty-first century. Charles Macintosh was the man to design the first rubberised mac in the Nineteenth century. It was a great invention, but these garments were heavy and inconvenient by modern standards. In the Twentieth century new fabrics like vinyl were also used but still many garments were not as comfortable as those we can produce these days. Some of them were stiff and awkward or had poor ventilation. You need something much lighter for today´s lifestyle. Things have come a long way since then. Gone are the old-fashioned days of the traditional rubberised mac! We have had to rethink and redesign the Womens raincoat to suit modern women and modern life. We did this without sacrificing style.

Coats that give you full protection

We have both lightweight and quilted garments on offer to cater for a variety of climates and situations. Our coats will keep out even the nastiest downpours with their special design details such as storm shields and adjustble hoods and welded seams. Our products are totally functional which is their strongest marketing point. But we have not sacrificed style to functionality. You can have both at the same time. We have a commitment to offer nothing but the best with our new range.

Women’s waterproof coats for all occasions.

We´ve been in the business of designing women’s raincoats since 2012 and our clients seem to be delighted with the results so far. They are very happy. We get a lot of positive feedback. Scandinavian design is cool. It rocks. Rains is based in Aarhus on the east coast of Denmark. We certainly know what rain is in that part of the country! But we also understand that just because it is raining it doesn´t mean you need to compromise on style. That is why we set out to design rain gear that combines functionality with fashion. We’ve moved on from the traditional rubberised raincoat and offer a much more sophisticated range of waterproof coat womens that can be used for absolutely any occasion. We have something right for you whether you plan on walking to work, taking a stroll around town, dancing in the rain or going on countryside excursions. Whether it is a heavy downpour or light shower we have got you covered. There’s a Rains waterproof coat womens for every occasion. Some are light weight, some are quilted. To own a Rains coat you don´t even have to leave home. You can just order it online. If you prefer, you can visit one of our stores to see the full range on offer and try them all on as well. We have stores around the world. Look at our site to see where they are and if there is one near you. We are opening new ones all the time. Many other stores and dealers also offer our range. Search online to find somewhere near you that stocks our products. You won´t be disappointed.

Fashionable waterproof garments

Our garments are fashionable as well as comfortable and practical in every way. And we have designed a whole range of interesting accessories to go with them. You can team your women’s waterproof coat with a variety of matching items such as totes and laptop bags, water-proof caps or a cool wide-brimmed Boonie Hat. With everything coordinated you are sure to make a fashion statement as well as keeping warm and dry everywhere you go. Don´t let the rain stop you doing whatever you want to do. In one of our lovely coats or jackets you can go anywhere any time. Enjoy the weather without getting wet. Get on with your life. Don´t let anything stop you, least of all the weather.

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