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Women's Raincoats

Take the pressure out of shopping for women's raincoats by choosing from Rains's irresistible range of stunning designs, amazing colours and practical jackets and raincoats.

Turn heads with one of Rain's women's red raincoats

It's the colour of danger, of the most precious rubies, and most likely the shirts of your favourite football team. Make a statement of intent with one of the amazing women's red raincoats from the eye-catching Rains range. Just because the morning is drab and dreary, it doesn't mean that you have to be. Take a minimalist perspective with the Long Jacket, for example, with its button closure at the front and the company's trademark back shield and fishtail will help you to stand out in the crowd. It also comes in a shorter Jacket form offering more flexibility. Both are in a matte finish, but if you fancy something shinier, the Transparent Belt Jacket, which as you might expect has a belt at the waist is decidedly one of the best women's red raincoats. Flap pockets and tonal buttons add exclusivity to the look. If you're looking for something to match a more active, sporty lifestyle, then why not go running in the short Tracksuit Jacket? With its vertical pockets and adjustable cuffs, plus a foldaway hood with drawstring, no water will sneak in. Crucial ventilation beneath the storm shield will ensure that while you work up a sweat on the running track or on the road, the skin will still be able to breathe more easily and prevent discomfort. The range of women's red raincoats on offer is large.

Taking women's raincoats into the 21st century

The Rains revolution is in part due to the never-ending quest to produce raincoats that first of all do what they're supposed to - keep the wearer dry in the middle of the worst weather that Denmark can throw at its citizens, but it doesn't have to be boring. With this in mind, the company's researchers never stop in their quest to produce waterproof women's raincoats. The entire range of women's is made of the same material - a mix of lightweight polyester with a polyurethane coating. Everything is geared to being waterproof, down to the stitching, which is a form of ultrasonic welding to ensure no leaks, and even the zippers are all as watertight as they can be. Rains works with experienced manufacturers in China to make the products under European Union legislation regarding the chemicals used in the process. The highest quality control standards are maintained, and Rains ensures that the working conditions are to a highly humane specification. Two crucial issues of each women's raincoat are breathability and mobility. Breathability allows hair to circulate beneath the coat so that there isn't a build-up of humidity making you sweat - a bad look at the office. Mobility is built into the material so that it is flexible to ensure it moves with you, so you're not only comfortable but dry.

Women's raincoats that are designed with the female figure in mind

Most of Rain's outdoor products are designed to be worn by men and women alike - with simple shapes and straight lines and an import on functionality and quality. However, the range also includes some specific raincoats for women. There may be one or two little extras especially designed to emphasize the female figure. Take the trench coat-inspired Curve Jacket for example. It has a belt so that the waist can be cinched, showing off the figure, but it's also practical and flexible enough for it to be used to keep the weather out when cycling, and the pockets are large enough to store those little essentials such as a purse, keys, lipstick and a compact so an emergency touch-up can be had while on the move without having to delve into a handbag or a Rains waterproof rucksack. And while Henry Ford once famously said of his Model T car, 'you can have any colour you want so long as it's black', at Rains there are no such restrictions. Expect items such as women's red raincoats, women's beige raincoats and women's blue raincoats in an eye-popping number of eye-catching styles that are a pleasure to wear, and which try to keep you dry from the rain while preventing any unsightly and uncomfortable humidity from building up, making you the coolest customer on the commute.

The perfect range of raincoats for women at Rains

With the weather in Denmark being somewhat unreliable, to put it mildly, a perfect outfit or an expensive hairdo can easily be ruined within minutes of leaving the house or the hairdressers. Taking a precaution against a sunny morning commute to work from turning into an awful, soaking evening commute home is why buying a sold, reliable, raincoat is not only essential for every woman, it should be almost compulsory. However, until very recently, that could spark its own issues. After all, what's the point of a fabulous dress or an epic haircut if it can't be seen? Worse, women's raincoats - and men's too, come to that - seemed to have been missed, neglected or left behind when it came to being updated. Drabness and a uniform cut that decreased mobility but increased humidity could leave the wearer stifled, hot and irritable. Thankfully all of these issues have been worked on by Danish rainwear manufacturer Rains. Since its initial launch in 2012 of its first small range of raincoats for women and men, Rains has been at the forefront of research and revolutionary design, producing eye-catching coats that are an absolute pleasure to wear and which almost make you wish it would rain!

Why not try one of Rains' women's blue raincoats?

Leonard Cohen famously sang of a Famous Blue Raincoat, and the legendary singer was not too far off the mark! Blue skies may be far and few between when you're wearing one of Rains's women's blue raincoats, but it's impossible to look anything but effortlessly movie-star cool in one of the many items of rainwear on offer. Take the Short Coat, for example, the cut-down version of marque's Coat. It's a short, classic cut with large vertical pockets, plenty of those critical ventilation air holes and concealed buttons to seal you in against the elements, not forgetting the critical rain cap. For those really rainy days and Mondays that can always get you down, the Long Puffer Jacket in blue will keep you well cosy. Its 3M ™ Thinsulate ™ featherless insulation with equally vital hood will retain the heat in everything short of a mini ice-age. For a real classic look try Rains's famous blue Overcoat, with a large collar, belt at the waist to help emphasize the figure - and more importantly keep you try - buttons at the front will prevent it from slipping open during a windy run for the bus to work, and of course it has the characteristic back shield. This gorgeous updating of that 20th century classic the trench coat will turn heads no matter where you wear it. Enjoy picking your favourite.

Women's beige raincoats that are simply must-haves

Beige is a colour that hasn't had much decent press in recent decades: it's become another word for drab and dull. However, that's before Rains got a hold of it and updated it. Now it looks stylish, giving the wearer an air of professionalism and capability. The company's range of women's beige raincoats is no less irresistible than every other colour that Rains has produced. Take the Coat product for example, which comes in Shiny Beige as one of the six options. It's still as stylish and practical. It's kept classic and simple, with an adjustable hood and very deep pockets perfect for keeping practically everything that must be kept within easy reach. Hidden buttons seal you in during bad we are designed in a straight, simple cut with large flap pockets and elastic details at the jacket edge. The jacket has an adjustable hood while under-arm ventilation provides crucial breathability. Keeping it simple also is the Women's Short Hooded Coat, Rains's nod to the classic rain jacket. It's a straight no-nonsense cut with handy large flap pockets and an elasticated edge, with, of course, a proper adjustable hood, and adjustable cuffs to ensure no water is getting in anywhere. Why not take a closer look at Rains's women's beige raincoats that are nothing like the beige raincoats your granny used to wear?