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Men's Raincoats

Take your wardrobe to another level with Rains's fabulous range of colourful, stylish men's raincoats guaranteed to keep you dry while looking good at the same time.

How Rains has brought men's raincoats bang up to date

The humble raincoat has gone from being a glorified blanket to keep the wearer from getting soaked on the way to work to be as essential a part of any man's wardrobe as a good interview suit and a pair of shoes. instead of simply protecting a look, a good raincoat can be the piece de resistance of any outfit, drawing appreciative glances, and let's face it, if you look good, you're going to feel good. Since 2012, Rains has been revolutionising the once-humble garment, and what used to be an afterthought, if it was thought about at all, is now crucial, whether for work, rest or play. Rains' stylish men's raincoats are made in China using a mix of polyester and polyurethane to the highest European Union specifications by carefully selected, experienced manufacturers. The primary aim of being waterproof is taken very seriously indeed, to the extent that even the material to make the zips are water-resistant, and the ultrasonic stitching process used to put the raincoats together contribute to the goal of letting no water in. The garment is as waterproof as it can be. Subtle ventilation also helps support breathability, so you don't arrive at your destination sweaty and uncomfortable. This commitment to innovation, including increased flexibility, has been at the centre of Rains's operations from the start and will continue to be so as the company - and its products - go from strength to strength.

The most stylish men's raincoats on the market today

Rains' commitment to quality men's raincoats is resulting in nothing less than a rethink of what is traditionally thought of as a mundane if a cool item of clothing - think of Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine wearing one at the end of Casablanca. Along with quality and practicality, Rains knows that the modern man wants to look and feel good as well, so its raincoats are rainproof, and lightweight, designed with a modern, urban bias in mind, that will help customers look good in the streets and complement a busy urban lifestyle. Timeless clean lines and fuss-free yet elegant elements that have made Scandinavian design a byword for cool simplicity the world overrun through the lines. The raincoats come in many colours, and different lengths and styles, so finding the raincoat you will love is as easy as learning your A-B-Cs. Whether looking for a coat with an attached hood that can be easily packed away in the collar when the sun comes out, or a classically tailored raincoat to cause your business clients to nod in impressed appreciation, you'll find the perfect coat among the Rains range. Maybe you need something to cover all the bases while going to a football match? Rains will have a cool, sporty raincoat that will more than do the job no matter what the weather. Need someplace to keep your keys and valuables while cycling? The pockets of a Rains coat are more than large enough for the job.

Brilliant men's beige raincoats in which to rule the streets

Beige may have fallen out of favour with designers in the last few years - but at Rains, where creatives continually strive to 'think different' about every feature, no matter how minor or major, it's never out of fashion, and several men's beige raincoats are on offer to discerning customers. The classic and simple Coat is off many colours, for example, shiny beige being one of those offered. Complete with an adjustable hood and vertical pockets which are roomy enough to conjure up images of a coat TARDIS, the raincoat has a classic and simple look to it. For a slightly more subdued beige, why not have a look at the minimalist Long Jacket. Complete with some of the features synonymous with Rains such as the back shield and fishtail, it has distinctive buttons up the front and will keep you dry in the rain and will look amazing in the dry. For those in-between seasons, there is always the Mac coat, a lightly lined straight, classic cut with a distinctive top button with a removable hood, and spacious double-welded pockets to safely put it in for easy access should you be caught out in the rain. The Rains range of men's beige raincoats overs something for every pocket and style.

Swim against the crowd with one of Rains' men's white raincoats

For a more unique look, at least when it comes to rainwear, why not stand out from the herd with one of the company's men's white raincoats? Let people see the entire ensemble with Rains's white Transparent Hooded Coat. Unfussy and uncomplicated, it reinterprets the classic rain jacket with a modern take that will turn heads everywhere. It's as straightforward and practical as it can be, with a simple cut and large, double-welded pockets protected with flaps, a built-in cap and the critical air holes for proper ventilation. Adjustable cuffs, drawstring hood and built-in cap will further ensure that however horrendous the pouring rain is, you will still be dry as toast and looking your best. If transparent men's white raincoats aren't your thing, but you would still like a more solid, pale jacket, then why not try the Ultralight Parka in ash? Everything about this show-stopping raincoat screams class and sophistication. Short of falling into the sea, this coat will keep everything you're wearing underneath dry as a bone and is ideal for everyday use. Double-welded pockets have waterproof zippers, and cuffs and the jacket edge are elasticated to help pull the raincoat even closer in to provide further protection against horizontal rain while still allowing for full mobility.

Take the world by storm with one of Rains' men's red raincoats

Red is a colour that gives off an aura of strength with a hint of danger and mischief, and is also quite easy to pick out in a crowd! The strong shade of red used in Rains's products also projects an air of confidence for the wearer. Take the half-length Jacket, for example. Cut a dash through the streets with this minimalist urban design with welded seams, back shield, fishtail and adjustable hood. Two convenient button-down front pockets will allow you to keep everything needed close to hand, while ventilation at the back and arms will ensure no sweat or irritation. The Long Jacket version - which as you might expect is a longer version of the waist-length jacket - provides even more protection from the Danish weather. Should you be cycling or running, the Tracksuit Jacket in the same distinctive matte red finish has tight-fitting elastic sleeves to provide protection against the elements, with hidden buttons behind a waterproof cover instead of a zip. It also comes with an adjustable elastic waist, vertical pockets and a roll-up hood with string to ensure it's tight against the head. Should the rain be coming down in torrents against your face, your hair will be dry. One of Rains's men's red raincoats will not lose its looks and will give you many years of wear with no tear.

Don't forget the accessories!

There's not much point having one of Rains's fabulous men's red raincoats for example without completing the look with some of the company's fabulous range of accessories. Set it off with a baseball-style Cap, as equally stylish as the rest of the range of coats, with an adjustable neck closure at the back. Or try a Transparent Boonie Hat. Inspired by military millinery, it's made of a transparent, water-resistant material with two straps to tie under the chin should the wind be particularly high during the evening rush hour. It's also available in beige, as are the very cool range of wallets and matching card holder. A range of bags, mostly in matches-with-everything black is also available that will keep your belongings, from clothes to laptops, as dry as your raincoat will keep you. There are also matching rain pants available for some of the range. Everything is guaranteed to help you look your best in the great outdoors.

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