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Waterproof Trousers

The Rains range includes a great selection of waterproof trousers in addition to waterproof jackets, bags and accessories. A pair of waterproof trousers provides extra cover and means you can explore the great outdoors knowing you’ll stay dry.

Versatile waterproof trousers for men and women

Rains rain gear is ideal for all wet weather conditions and the range of rain trousers and jackets are perfect for the toughest hikes or commute to work. The unpredictability of the British weather means you’re usually never far from a rain cloud which is why our Scandinavian designers have come up with rain garments for all occasions. Sometimes a rain jacket just isn’t enough and a smart pair of waterproof trousers will ensure you’re protected from the elements.

Practical and modern rain trousers

Rains rain trousers are made from a lightweight, durable polyester fabric with a matte finish and will comfortably fit over your jeans or leggings. The material our designers have selected ensures your rain trousers are comfortable and functional. Rains waterproof trousers are easy to move in and come with zipped pockets, adjustable cords and air-vents which make them breathable. Available in three colours; black, blue and red these waterproof trousers deliver the ultimate protection from the rain so you can get on with your life in comfort, despite the rain.

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