Waterproof Parka Jackets

Inspired by the traditional iconic parka design Rains parkas offer a superb combination of rain protection and contemporary style. Our waterproof parka features adjustable cords for a great fit, a hood for extra protection and water-resistant zips.

The history of the parka

Where does this iconic coat come from? It was invented by the Inuit people of Greenland, Alaska and Canada to keep them safe and dry from the cruel and harsh Artic climate. Originally the parka was worn by women to wear though the cold dark winters and contained a baby pouch and the traditional fur-lined hood we know today. Then in the 1950’s the US military used a green version of the parka as a functional coat before it became popular in the 1960’s as a part of the Mod culture. Since then the parka has found its way into UK pop culture and is today a comfortable and modern rain coat for people on the move.

Grab a Rains waterproof parka

What’s great about a waterproof parka? Besides making a fashion statement Rains waterproof parkas are practical and keep you warm too. Our wide selection of waterproof parkas feature adjustable cords, a two-way aqua guard coil zip and roomy pockets and come in a range of colours including blue, green and camouflage. Constructed from a durable, water-resistant fabric every Rains waterproof parka offers a touch of nostalgia whilst keeping you perfectly dry in all weathers.

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