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Thermal Collection

Prepare for when the wet season starts with functional and novel raingear from RAINS. Discover the selection of both women and men’s breathable and waterproof jackets.

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Expect the unexpected

Unpredictable weather is part of everyday life and it is not unusual that the conditions change when you need it the least. Expect the unexpected and prepare for drizzly weather with RAINS breathable and waterproof jackets for men as well as women. As a newer addition to the collection, the RAINS design team has developed a series of transitional raincoats created to endure the colder seasons. Using the latest innovations in waterproof fabrics, every style in the Thermal collection is wind- and waterproof yet insulated and breathable. When it comes to staying comfortable and fashionable in rainy weather, RAINS got you covered. RAINS provides modern men and women with functional yet novel rainwear, bags and accessories. Discover the RAINS collection online and in stores.

Designing men’s breathable, waterproof jackets

Combining innovative techniques and timeless design, RAINS creates true outerwear staples reflecting current trends. Offering a selection of men’s breathable, waterproof jackets as well as bags and accessories, the full RAINS collection got you covered when the wet season starts. Since the establishment in 2012, RAINS has frequently been adding new styles to the collection. However, styles as Jacket, Long Jacket and Curve Jacket remain essentials in the RAINS collection. Made to withstand the wet elements, women and men’s breathable yet waterproof jackets are crafted from a polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating. Striving to create functional outerwear without compromising on the aesthetics, RAINS designs raingear for men and women living a modern lifestyle. Explore the full collection of rainwear.

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