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Explore waterproof bags from Rains. The collection of bags delivers a range of silhouettes developed for lifestyle needs. From large travel silhouettes, gym bags, tech holders, daily backpacks, and crossbodies. All constructed from signature coated fabrics.

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Rains Rolltop Rucksack Backpacks 29 NightRains Rolltop Rucksack Backpacks 29 Night
Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Weekender 47 NavyRains Hilo Weekend Bag Weekender 47 Navy
Rains Backpack Backpacks 10 StormRains Backpack Backpacks 10 Storm



Rains MSN Bag Backpacks 13 GreyRains MSN Bag Backpacks 13 Grey



Rains Backpack Mini Backpacks 12 FireRains Backpack Mini Backpacks 12 Fire
Rains Tote Bag Mini Tote 29 NightRains Tote Bag Mini Tote 29 Night
Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Small Weekender 10 StormRains Hilo Weekend Bag Small Weekender 10 Storm
Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Large Weekender 01 BlackRains Hilo Weekend Bag Large Weekender 01 Black
Rains Trail MSN Bag Backpacks 13 GreyRains Trail MSN Bag Backpacks 13 Grey
Rains Book Daypack Backpacks 01 BlackRains Book Daypack Backpacks 01 Black

Book Daypack


Rains Tote Bag Tote 24 SandRains Tote Bag Tote 24 Sand

Tote Bag


Rains Texel Tote Backpack Backpacks 03 GreenRains Texel Tote Backpack Backpacks 03 Green
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Rains Rucksack Cargo Backpacks 13 GreyRains Rucksack Cargo Backpacks 13 Grey
Rains MSN Bag Mini Backpacks 22 WindRains MSN Bag Mini Backpacks 22 Wind
Rains Box Bag Crossbody 29 NightRains Box Bag Crossbody 29 Night

Box Bag


Rains Texel Cabin Bag Trolley 01 BlackRains Texel Cabin Bag Trolley 01 Black
Rains Rucksack Backpacks 26 DuneRains Rucksack Backpacks 26 Dune



Rains Texel Kit Bag Weekender 03 GreenRains Texel Kit Bag Weekender 03 Green
Rains Backpack Micro Backpacks 26 DuneRains Backpack Micro Backpacks 26 Dune
Rains Rolltop Rucksack Large Backpacks 01 BlackRains Rolltop Rucksack Large Backpacks 01 Black
New style

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Waterproof bags for all occasions

One can never go wrong with a waterproof rucksack as it is a functional option for wherever you may go. However, you can expect a lot more with RAINS backpacks besides practicality. In our big collection you will discover elegant styles that will go very well with a suit or a dress.

Discover our great variety of colours of the Backpack and MSN Bag. A true classic, that you will grab for again and again. Choose between deep and dark colours or bright options such as Yellow and Blush. Both options come in a mini version, for that even more compact and adorable look.

Want to experience a nostalgic feeling? RAINS Base Bags and Field Bags will take you right back to your time in school. The silhouette is truly iconic and reminds you of studying and hanging out with friends in the school yard.

The perfect waterproof bag for a trip to your favourite destination

Going somewhere fun? Spice it up with a fun travel bag. The assortment consists of several bigger waterproof bags perfect for longer getaways. A favourite of ours is the Mountaineer Bag, which is true must have for an active vacation. Made with RAINS signature PU coating and a spacious interior, making sure you can fit all your belongings and keep them dry.

Fancy RAINS bags that is not supposed to be worn as a backpack? Take a look at our Weekend Bag Large or Gym Bag. Both made with sturdy webbing handles and long cross body strap for the over-the-shoulder look. Great for trips where you do not have to carry the waterproof bag at all times.

2 years of warranty on all products

When you finish choosing your perfect Rains outfit, you can start to feel excited as your order will be at your doorstep in no time.

We provide you with a 30-day return policy and a 2-year product warranty.

We also offer the opportunity to return our products ordered from rains.com. You may get a full refund or exchange your item for a different size or colour. You have 30 days from the day of receipt to return any unused items.


Which RAINS bag should I go for? It all depends on your needs. We have backpacks in different sizes, several of which have room for your laptop, documents and other necessities. We also sell a wide variety of weekend bags, perfect for both short and longer trips.

How many different RAINS bags are available? At RAINS, we sell a wide variety of bags. For example, take a look at our backpacks, weekend bags, tote bags, helmet bags, bum bags & crossbody bags, buckle bags and all the styles we carry.

Are RAINS bags water-repellent? Yes, our bags are water-repellent. The fabric feature a 8000 mm/cm2 water column pressure.

What is the difference between a dry bag and a waterproof bag? A dry bag and a waterproof bag are more or less the same types of bags, and yet the wet elements they can handle might differ. They have the same features of being designed to protect and isolate the contents within the bag from any wet elements - this way, the bags should have a watertight seal. Dry bags often have roll-top closures, while waterproof bags come in several designs.

What is a waterproof bag used for? A waterproof bag can be used to carry any belongings on any given occasion. A waterproof bag is ideal for commuting and traveling, while several outdoor activities where personal belongings can get wet also call for a waterproof bag. Therefore, a waterproof bag from Rains is never a bad choice.

Are dry bags fully waterproof? In general, most of the dry bags from Rains are designed with a high water column pressure to be able to withstand light to moderate weather conditions. They are made from our signature waterproof PU fabric as well as engineered for strength and durability, making them the perfect waterproof bags.

Who makes the best waterproof backpacks? At Rains, we offer a wide selection of some of the best waterproof backpacks. Common to all of them is that they are designed to protect your personal belongings from external wet elements during outdoor trips or activities. You can never go wrong with a practical and minimalistic waterproof backpack from Rains.